about michelle.


Hi there, and welcome! I’m Michelle Ezell.


I am a practicing clinical psychotherapist and family therapy professional— but you might simply call me a mental health coach, mentor, mediator, or a bridge between you and the moment you discover the answer to the solution you’ve been struggling with for some time. It is my life passion to empower individuals, affirm couples, reconnect families, and assist people in the process of healing overall.



I truly have a heart to provide my clients with tools they can use to navigate life adjustments and its inevitable challenges. I take pride in the connection that I develop with my clients, and am deliberate in cultivating a rapport that will allow you to feel safe within our therapeutic relationship. I’ve found that I’m able to relate to many of my client’s adversities, a variety of their experiences, and I’ve traveled a number of the same journeys that they too have encountered.


I know personally that the path to healing isn’t linear and comes with a great set of challenges. My greatest goal would be to help you achieve mental and emotional wellness, assist in processing through the deepest of hurts, help with resolving problematic behaviors, relationship issues, and personal development.



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