• Michelle Ezell

Be Deliberate with Your Direction.

#Goals. It’s an expression that conveys one’s approval and exhibits aspiration or admiration with something or someone . This current colloquialism is generally used when someone is impressed with another’s accomplishments, and though the phrase is stated to show a gesture of respect, the giver of the compliment often neglects to recognize the groundwork that was necessary to reach that goal… the long nights preparing, the early mornings praying, the research, studying, failing, falling; Success is deliberate and intentional and requires effort that exists beyond faint attempts.

I find interesting the amount of individuals who want to embark upon new business ventures but want to bypass the true process of growing the business. The beauty of growing a business is making it your own and knowing how you want to tailor it for your consumer. What population do you  want to market? Who will be affected by your brand? What age group will impacted by your ministry? ..It’s important to take time to explore the true direction and values that you want your craft to exhibit. It’s a reflection of you and all you represent.

And I’m sure that I can speak for other business owners when I say that we all value the idea of reaching back to help elevate and promote those around us as well (not that I have “arrived” or anything, there is definitely much to do! oh–but ya girl is definitely on her way! you feel me? Tuh!), but it is both an insult and inconsiderate to expect someone to simply offer you a golden ticket into accomplishment when the next person has traveled through the trenches while grinding endlessly to figure things out from the bottom. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a huge believer in favor, and know without a doubt that it was nothing but grace that landed me in some of my less-than-deserved positions, but I also am no stranger to hard work, concerted efforts, and resilient tenacity. The bible says that ‘faith by itself, if not accompanied by action, is dead.’…. Dead!!! … hmph! now that’s a word…

So when we speak of this concept that we’ve coined as “Hashtag Goals,” let us consider the overall journey that an individual took to arrive at that place. Remember, you are only seeing a snapshot of an end result. People generally don’t post the sweat and tears, the ugly-cry faces, the negative bank accounts, the turbulent arguments between them and their spouse, the poor choice they made when it came to the decision they made regarding their child…. you view the photo-shopped aftermath that they allow you to see. It’s true! So don’t be deceived by the journey of other’s progress; focus on the direction of your own. Be deliberate in ensuring that you are accomplishing the things you established for yourself to carry out.

Also, don’t be afraid to invest in yourself when it comes to your goals. Attend a training, take a much needed course in an area of interest, go back to school, register in some professional development opportunities. The sky is the limit, the heights you achieve are contingent on your active ambition and the intentional direction you apply to your dreams. … It’s your time to soar.

A moment with Michelle.

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