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First it hurts, then it changes you.

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Ever woke up the morning after leg day at the gym? you practically have to slide out of bed! Growth in many capacities is similar. It’s like the common adage we’ve heard a thousand times before: No pain–no gain! It really is true!

It’s so common for individuals to desire results without undergoing the gruesome process required to achieve the coveted outcome. We often wish to just magically arrive at success and surpass right by the less glamorous phase of accomplishment. But that isn’t reality. Success isn’t pretty. Success is tough, and feels impossible in most cases. Achievement often requires late nights and early mornings. It causes you to miss some events at times, and may make you have to say No to your favorite people. It’s all part of the process of change… it’s necessary for the Win.

Do you believe that Olympians are able to compete with other athletes of such skill without training for months upon months? Years even? My Best Friend and I were speaking recently of how daunting it is to accomplish a challenging goal. She is days away from graduating with her MBA and mentioned the respect she has for such a process; the work required to earn a degree while working a full-time job, figuring a way to pay for books, classes, balancing ‘adulting’ all at the same time .. not to mention that some programs require A’s all around and how mediocrity just isn’t acceptable–it’s tough!

I once read somewhere that ‘there’s no Progress without Process.’ In order to expect the best of things you must accept the tests and trials that accompany the journey. Judges don’t magically awake in the court room. Doctors aren’t just born equipped to handle complicated surgery. Successful Business Owners at some point will have to fulfill the less glamorous roles within the company before expecting the business to take flight!

So if you want to Be Somebody, you have to anticipate a struggle. Expect a fight. Prepare for a battle. Anything you really want won’t come easy. The change that takes place throughout a transformation process can be uncomfortable, expensive, and painstaking, but if its worth it to you, you’ll endure it until the end. … I hope you you see it through.

A moment with Michelle.

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