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The Wooden Bag Travels--all for the love of my Tribe.

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge advocate for upward mobility and the support of others around me. I’m blessed to be among personal stylists, thriving make-up artists, experts in education administration, fashion bloggers, consultants, spiritual motivators, attorneys, multifaceted entrepreneurs–the list goes on. The beauty of this results in the exchange of inspiration that occurs between not only myself and these passion-pursuing individuals, but the power of networking is sparked and the promotion of one yields exposure for another.

Recently I had the pleasure of traveling to Europe with my husband, and there was a particular item that I just had to bring along: a wooden bamboo clutch. This purse was everything! Like nothing I had ever owned! I knew it would be challenge to travel through customs and layovers with this delicate treasure, but I had to do it–all for the love of my Tribe.

… you see, the clutch was bought from a friend of mine who recently took a leap faith and an insurmountable amount of courage to embark on a journey of entrepreneurship. She’s invested a handful of months and countless hours to developing her brand and has created a boutique with a classy vision and a Godly foundation.

I was compelled to support her, for endorsing her dreams means promoting my own… we are one in the same. In this world of business ownership and dream-chasing the energy you exude becomes the grace you’re granted. I packed that wooden bamboo clutch, strategically placed it in my carry-on bag, and toted it around through plane, train, shuttle, and numerous Uber rides to be able to post and share this unique find!

For the love of my Tribe I will post, share, promote, endorse, purchase, volunteer, collaborate, and support in any other way I can. We all can win, and when we uplift and celebrate the accomplishments of each other, we all do.

A moment with Michelle.

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