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Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Many of us manage the daunting task of navigating between several components of our character on a daily basis. Think about it: aside from the reality that you fulfill numerous roles already—spouse, parent, professional, entrepreneur, volunteer, ministry worker, student, and many more—your identity as an individual has a myriad of dynamics, and your expressions and energy exuded are dependent upon the piece of you that you are operating in at that time. Contrary to popular belief, you just may not be your best self at all times and that may be caused by a necessary shift that is being stifled by the necessity to reflect an ideal perception of merely one of your dimensions.

This shouldn’t alarm you. You’re very normal, and believe it or not, your varied qualities humanize you… Bad and Bourgeois, Saved yet Sassy, Refined while slightly Ratchet, Hood but Holy! Now granted, I’m not condoning the idea of dwelling in duplicity. However, I believe that it is unnatural to deny the fact that you are created from a variety of influences. Your versatile taste in music, your ever-evolving style in fashion, the stimuli that peaks your interests, your language—it all is a reflection of your multifaceted personhood and oftentimes doesn’t fit into one lane.

Embrace your diversity. We often neglect very vital parts of ourselves in exchange for fulfilling the perfect image. This tendency is both suppressing and sure to create resentment in other relationships as well as within self. Learn to understand the completeness of your character. In my master’s course I became very familiar with the concept that the ‘whole was greater than the sum of its parts.’ There is such a connection among individual entities that encompass more than each item would be separately. The synergy created from accepting the many contributions to one’s identity is much more liberating and organic.

So don’t feel bad for appreciating a genre of music that you once dismissed, or enjoying a new flavor that your pallet may have recently realized it loved! As you continue to grow and evolve, other pieces of you will too!

A moment with Michelle.

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